Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird Weather

Back on November 4th we spent four hours at Golden Gardens doing this,



and this, because it was 74 degrees outside.

A measly 18 days later we spent the day playing in the snow. It is currently 23 degrees.
We walked to school this morning. If you know J at all you would be proud to see that this year he is willing to wear boots, mittens, snow pants and a hood. C was very grumpy as she had woken up late and was still half asleep and a bit unsure about this snow stuff because this is the first snow she remembers.

J wanted C to throw snow at him and she was happy to oblige.

J was super excited about all the snow and had to eat some, of course. Later, his dad asked him what it tasted like. His answer? Water.

He finally convinced C to try some, too. She thought it was too cold.

We also warmed up a bit at the gym today.

It was a fun day.

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