Friday, June 25, 2010

10 Years

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws, we were able to go out to a nice, relaxing dinner at Anthony's in Edmonds. I was going to write a long post about how we met and a recap of our 10 married years together but I am too tired now. I will have to save that for later. Here is a picture from our dinner last night.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's/Birthday Day

My poor husband. This weekend was his birthday and Father's Day. We hardly saw him because he was working so much and he wasn't even on-call. We did get to spend a little fun time with him and we were thankful for that. He is such a great daddy and husband. We love you Daddy Matt.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Week in Review

I can't seem to find time to blog as much as I want but this is what we did 2 weeks ago. It was a full, fun week. On Tuesday, we went to the zoo with our neighbors. We started at the penguin exhibit right at feeding time. It would have been pretty interesting if the keeper had stood somewhere that the visitors could have seen her better. We did get to see a little bit, though.

Meet our neighbor/friends: Domonic (3yrs this week), Amy (mom) and Lincoln (1yr).

Domonic was not too impressed with my kids' funny faces.

Joey and Claire each got one of these suckers since Joey can't have ice cream.

Claire ate the top half inch.

Joey turned his into a weapon and went to town.

A peacock was wandering around outside the food pavilion

and opened his feathers for us.

We went to see the new meerkat exhibit. Outside the exhibit is a meerkat den for the kids to climb on and in. Claire found a dung beetle and a replica of its meal of choice.

Joey finished his sucker inside the den and

our neighbors posed as smiley meerkats.

Later in the week, Joey refined his Wii skills

and was rewarded with a pack of water balloons for sleeping all night in his own bed for 8 nights.

Friday night was Mariner's night. This was after the game. We had fun but were tired at the end.

Here are some videos of Joey playing Wii (because I think the footwork is so funny) and riding his new bike for the first time at a park on the weekend.
Oops, I can't get the videos to work right now. I will try to post them later.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty-Training Day 1

I thought today would be a good day to see if Claire was interested in potty-training since she has been going occasionally on the potty lately.

9:20 Take off diaper. Sit on potty. Nothing. Put on princess underwear.

9:40 Sit on potty. Nothing.

9:55 Underwear a bit wet. Sit on potty. Went a little bit.

10:00 Went all over the couch. Sat on potty. Nothing. Put on new underwear.

10:30 Sat on potty. Nothing.

11:00 Sat on potty. Nothing. Put on pull-up and leave for the store.

11:30 Arrive at store. Head straight for restroom. Discover slightly wet pull-up. Sat on potty. Nothing. Mom gives up and decides to leave pull-up on until after naptime.

11:40 Went to pull-up isle to find princess pull-ups to see if that would help motivate. She chose the firetruck ones.

4:30 Sat on potty. Nothing. Put on underwear.

4:50 Sat on potty. Passed a lot of gas. Discussed going #2. Sat for a while. Nothing. Mom decided to put her in a pull-up for fear of having a big mess to clean up.

9:00 Sat on potty. Nothing. Put on diaper for bedtime.

Ho hum. Oh well.

Monday, June 7, 2010


My mom had some trees cut down at her house today. We went over to watch. Claire said it was too loud for her so she played in the house, perfectly happy to not have her brother there bothering her. Joey and I spent a good portion of the day outside watching and helping. Joey climbed this tree which was severely pruned.
And helped this man clean up. Who can be first to name this guy?
The only reason that man got to finish what he was doing was because Joey found a worm.

Later in the afternoon, Joey got pretty tired. He was too tired to pose by this bird nest that we found (unoccupied, thankfully).

The arborist got shocked while cutting down the big cedar in front. It was pretty bad. He screamed. All his muscles tensed and he couldn't let go. After 2-3 seconds he was able to let go and the saw fell to the ground and then he fell out of the tree. We were all relived when he stood up and we saw that he was OK. It was pretty scary.

Here's a video of the spruce coming down.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We went for a walk in the rain today. We were supposed to have a big storm but Seattle didn't seem to get too much of it. It rained a bit in the morning and then stopped. When I decided to take the kids out for a walk it wasn't raining. By the time we got outside it was sprinkling. When we got to the store I was a bit worried because I could see dark rain clouds to the South. After we were done shopping it was raining quite a bit but still not enough to be uncomfortable. Part of our walk was undercover. To make this even more interesting, Joey was pushing a cool new toy truck that he got for his birthday with a handle ( and Claire was pushing her stroller. They pushed their toys all the way to and from the store. They thought it was fun to walk in the rain. Joey got a wallet with a chain for his birthday. It had a few dollars in it. He wanted a sparkling juice beverage at the store that I told him I wasn't going to buy so he bought it with him own money. That was his first purchase.

When I go get Claire out of bed each morning she tells me, "I am done with my nigh-nigh time now."
I overheard her on the monitor the other day. She was "reading" to her dolls and said, "C is for cat. D is for dog. D is for walrus."