Friday, April 23, 2010

Recent Birthdays

Here are pics from some kind of recent birthdays.

Claire got this big doggy from her Aunt KC.

This high chair is a family heirloom and was given to Claire. Both kids have been making good use of it.

Papa Crout made this dolly bed for Claire but it has turned into the new and exciting place to play the Mess Game.

Joey likes to help the birthday person open their presents.
Grandma Crout got a lovely red scarf.

Claire decided she needed a turn helping to open gifts.
And this is my sweetest boy who made me a picture and "wrapped" it in used produce bags.

This video of Claire licking the frosting off of a cupcake was just too funny not to post.

Now you've seen some highlights from our recent family birthdays.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Really Late Post About Our Easter

Easter was nice this year. We went to a little church in Kenmore because we didn't want to deal with the parking nightmare and having to get there 30min early just to get a seat at our church and because it was on the way to Bothell. It was a nice little service. Then we went to Matt's parent's house for Easter lunch, a little egg hunt and naps. Next it was off to my parent's house where we gathered with Jeff and Renee's family, my grandparents and the four Nelsons. We had a yummy Easter dinner and also celebrated Tim's 17th birthday. Here are a few photos.

"Whoa! Look at all that chocolate!"

"Hey! It's hollow!"

My cute boy showing off his bunny and, no, I did not let them eat their whole bunnies for breakfast.

Grandma Nelson and Claire being super cute.

Claire making a funny face that her brother taught her.

Silly Claire and Papa Seely.

Friday, April 9, 2010


We lost someone very special this past week. Bob was my stepdad and Papa Nelson to the kids. He passed away quietly Wednesday evening, with my mom by his side, after a full day of being surrounded by family and friends. We will miss him very much. Joey had known that Papa had been sick for quite a while now but I told him that Papa was going to die soon about a week before he passed. Joey had been asking a lot of questions and had been wanting to "check" on Papa and Grandma Nelson frequently. When I told him Papa had died Wednesday night, I was teary. He asked me why I was sad. I told him I was sad because I was going to miss Papa. I asked him if he was sad and he said no. There was a short pause and I thought he hadn't understood but then he explained that he was happy because Papa was in heaven now with God and that he wasn't sick anymore. I guess he did understand after all. What a sweet little boy.
Here are some recent pictures of Papa and the kids.
Joey helping Papa open a Christmas present.

Claire and Papa in early March.

Claire and Papa eating soup together in March.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Zoo Trip

Last week we went to the zoo with some friends from Joey's class at school. We all had a great time. The four older kids stayed together and entertained themselves just running around in grass fields, climbing on stuff in the play area near the family farm and playing in the African Village near the Savanna area. Claire did some things with the big kids but was pretty mellow that day and stayed close to me most of the time. With three moms there it was not hard to keep track of them all. The moms seemed to agree that it was one of the easiest zoo trips any of us had ever been on and also the fewest animals visited.

Three of them in the spider web.

Joey making a funny face in a tree.

The girls pretending to sleep in an African Village hut.

Four cuties posing on a fence.