Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cute Stuff

The kids have been saying and doing a lot of funny things lately. Here's what's been cracking me up.

Claire called me Brenda all day today.

Joey this morning: "Dad, sometimes my undies get stuck in my bottom and I just pull them out."

When Matt goes to work we tell the kids that he is going to help sick people feel better or fix their owies. He has been having bad headaches the last few days and this morning Joey asked if Daddy was going to go to work to fix himself.

Grandma Nelson recently painted Claire's toenails with a glittery nail polish. Claire admires her "sparkle toes" often. Yesterday, the kids were coloring and the next thing I knew Claire announced that Joey wanted sparkle toes too and was that ok? I went into the room where they were to find them mid-way through coloring on their toenails with glittery crayons. I said yes.

Currently, in Claire's speech development, she is skipping all L, W and R sounds if they are in a consonant cluster at the beginning of a word. Therefore, she puts "kips" in her hair, her name is "Care", doesn't want to "skish" or "skeeze" the bugs, plays the "dums", etc. It cracks me up.

Here is Claire's version of "Jesus, Name Above All Names".

Jesus, name above oh knee
Bootiful Savior
Gwoh-wee-us Woh-oh-oh-ode
Emman-you Care (her name, no idea)
God is wiff us
Bwessed Weedeemer
Wiv in da Wode (live in the world)

For those of you who don't know the proper lyrics they are as follows:
Jesus, name above all names
Beautiful Savior
Glorious Lo-o-o-ord
God is with us
Blessed Redeemer
Living Word

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Kristi said...

Aw! They are so cute! Love Claire's lyrics- that's precious!